Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Revlon super lustrous lipstick | Review

My collection of red lipsticks is growing, but honestly I don't really think I could ever love another lip colour as much as I love red.
Last week I had the ultimate panic attack when my favourite Superdry Lip Paint in Rebel Red vanished into thin air, the colour is one of the best I've found in a while. So, in a last ditch attempt after finding they'd sold out in store, I of course raided Superdrug for a purse friendly alternative.
Revlon is one of my - kind of - fail safe brands. They're products tend to be pretty decent, good value for money, good quality & lasting. But I haven't actually bought any of the lipsticks for years. What attracted me to the Revlon super lustrous lipstick was in fact the colours, all the reds and deep pinks were lovely pigmented shades & after a quick few swatch tests, I was pretty smitten with the colour Cherry Blossom.
Firstly, the colour is striking, I like that this particular one balances precariously in between a red and pink. I do have too many ruby reds.. Not that this stopped me buying Mac Ruby Woo last week though, whoops. Secondly, the formula is lovely and creamy. There is nothing I dislike more than when a lipstick is sticky or too dry. But the Revlon super lustrous lipsticks are really smooth and easy to apply.
I also like my lipstick to be lasting, on most days I will be commuting to uni as well as covering a late shift at work, so it's pretty important that my lipstick will stand the test of time. I found that I had to reapply twice throughout the day, once after 4 hours of wear and again half way through a shift. But considering I had been drinking coffee all day, I was pretty impressed.
Overall I'm pretty happy with the Revlon super lustrous lipstick. It's a good alternative to my Mac collection and even to my favourite Superdry lip paint. I think I would buy this lipstick again, but I would like to try a lighter shade before I decide if I'm ready to leave my favourite lipstick bubble.
Are you a fan of Revlon lipsticks?
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  1. Love this colour so much! gorgeous

    1. Cheers chick, I'm pretty smitten with it myself! :))



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