Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Handmade jewellery haul | Cheap Frills

Ahh, I feel like I've been living in the dark ages! I've actually had no internet for 2 weeks whilst we've been moving flats, & now have a camera full of photos ready to be added to new blog posts. But on the bright side, I have a shiny new home with a balcony & a bath - woohoo! - Roll on weekly bath bomb posts!
So anyway, last month I went a little crazy & bought a few things from one of my favourite handmade jewellery boutiques, Cheap Frills. You may have seen one of my previous Cheap Frills haul from last year.
Once again when my package arrived I was so happy with everything. Georgia, the lady behind Cheap Frills is an absolute genius in my eyes, every little detail is just wonderful, from the way each item is lovingly wrapped, to the unusual wax stamp she uses to seal each bag of goodies. & of course the jewellery is always stunning & beautifully made.  
This time around I splurged out on a few items, the first being the Aurora Ring. This style of ring is actually available in many different colours on Cheap Frills at the moment, but I absolutely loved the soft pink and purple tones running through the stone of Aurora. Even the way it twists on each side is just such a lovely and feminine shape, perfect for someone who is into the Celtic sort of vibe.
The second items my magpie like eyes spotted were the Druzy stone collection. Cheap Frills have both rings and earrings set with some gorgeous coloured stones & I particularly loved the blue druzy sparkle earrings, not only because they were heart shaped, but because the colour was just so vivid.
The rings also come in the gorgeous blue tone, but unfortunately when I came to order, the blue had sold out! - sad face - However I did still buy a druzy sparkle ring in Champagne berries instead. The colour looks lovely with my Aurora ring when they're worn on opposite hands & compliment each other rather well. - So it turned out for the best!
Finally I bought a little moon necklace. Although I am admittedly more of a statement necklace sort of girl, I loved how dainty this pendant looked. Perfect for when I'm wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans or with a low cut top on a night out. The colours are so simple but it just looks too darn pretty!
One again I can't find a bad word to say about Cheap Frills, even after one of my earrings unfortunately arriving a little bruised & with the back falling off. But Georgia replied on the same day offering me a refund and tips on how to mend the earring myself. I've now mended my little druzy stud & am unbelievably happy with them & the help she offered.
Have you ever bought anything from Cheap Frills?
What's your favourite item on the website at the moment?
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  1. I'm so tempted to shop there, those products are beautiful!


  2. The jeweleries are extremely beautiful and elegant. I also brought a diamond ring few days back and it has been really a smart investment. I got it a reasonable cost. Visit this page if you are planning to buy one- http://www.gearjewellers.ie/jewellery/dress-rings


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